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  • Material: metal and plastic
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If you want the spare parts to be shipped from local country for faster shipping, you can get the liquidation printer for parts, only USD 99, very worthy. 

Liquidation printer for parts:  This is a blind box for BIBO 3d printer in USD 99 for USA customers. You may receive a good condition printer or a bad condition

 printer. But we can promise that the printer you received is definitely more than the value USD 99. For example, 5 motors are USD 79.3, the touch screen is USD 

44.3, the power supply is USD 32.62 ... Every part has its life time, and the liquidation printer parts can be the spare parts too. Meanwhile, the liquidation printer

 is shipped from USA, which has faster shipping. More information, please kindly check it here:

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If choosing USA faster shipping (seller's shipping method) for USA customers:   usually it is about 5-9 working days for shipping time by air. So you 

order it this week, usually you can receive it next week.

If choosing standard shipping (All Countries) for USA customers, usually it is about 5-16 working days for shipping time by air

For Germany, Japan, UK or other Europe countries customers, usually it is about 4-10 working days for shipping time by air

For Other countries customers, usually it is about 4-23 working days for shipping time by air

The price above includes the freight to your address, and you don't have to pay any other fee or tax to receive these parts.

Parts Introduction:

Laser engraving module (including goggles):  Can be attached on the BIBO 3d printer, and the warranty is 30 days since the delivery date. The instruction is here:

Upgraded Glass bed: Spare Upgraded Swapping Glass Bed for Faster Printing  Temperature Resistance up to 450°C for safe 3d printing

Please don't use the normal glass bed as it is not safe during heating. Our aluminum heated bed is thin, and needed the glass bed to make it be flat. So don't put the other sheet on the aluminum heated bed directly, otherwise it is not flat and stable. You can put the sheet on the glass bed if you want to add a sheet on the bed.

This upgraded glass bed is much more flat and easier for leveling, higher temperature resistance up to 450°C .Usually we can have two glass beds for printing, so the new print can be started at once after the former print and reduce the bed and nozzle heating time. Then we can take the time to remove the print from the first glass bed.To have a spare glass bed is a good choice as the glass bed is fragile and easily to be broken. We'd better have a spare glassbed on hands .

BIBO 3d Printer Borosilicate Glass Bed Polished Edge Very Good Flatness

Upgraded Calibrated E1 and E2 feeder: This upgraded extruder assembly is only suitable for all BIBO 2 Printers and more stable, better in extrusion, and calibrated by the manufacturer.  The motor has the life too. We can keep a spare motor on hand. When our printing speed is too fast or too low, printing temperature is too low, layer height is too thick, the motor works in an overloaded condition, and its life will be shortened. The motor hates heat too. When the motor works in the hot enviroment, its life will be shortened too.

The extruder assembly notice is here:

Clear front door and red lid: Spare BIBO Acrylic Panels For The Front Door and Top Lid. To have a spare front door and the red lid is a good choice as they are fragile and easily to be broken. Sometimes the cat jumps on them or we hit them carelessly, then they are broken. 

Hot end: It is better to get a calibrated hot end as the nozzle, heating block and throat tube should be aligned, sealed in the connection part, smooth inside. There are two versions of hot ends. Please check the photo above carefully to choose the correct version V. A or V. B  .  The instruction of how to assemble the hot end is here:

2 Thermistors: There are two versions of thermistors. Please check the photo above carefully to choose the correct version V. A or V. B  . 2 pcs in one pack for sales. Thermistor replacing instruction is here:

2 Connector Fans: Two fans with the black connectors in the extruders front side and back side to cool the nozzles .

2 No Connector Fans: Two fans without the black connectors on the top part of the extruders or beside the motherboard.

Every part of BIBO 3d printer can be bought from us. Anything unclear, please kindly contact . BIBO 3d printer parts can also be purchased here:

Some parts can be purchased on the amazon store.  Here are the Amazon store list:





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