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    Dual extruder metal frame BIBO2 touch

    UPC:611982564543 Dual extruder metal frame 3D printer Continue Printing After Power Cut Large Color Touch Screen WiFi Industrial Grade Metal Frame

    1. Detailed information

    Welcome to order our printers on Aliexpress, and please click here to visit our official Aliexpress store.

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    The same printer, same shipping speed and same service for two stores. Price has a little difference because Amazon charges more commission than Aliexpress.

    Customers can join our group chat to get the printer update there (the invitation link is in the SD card sent with the printer).


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                 [BIBO]secrets for 3D printer

    Hi everyone, I am braden from BIBO 3D. Here is some advices for buying a 3D printer: 


    1. Big volume object printing needs filament run-out detection. For big volume printing, it means you will print a lot of filament at one time. When you print the object finished already 99%, but no filament left for printing, it is really a frustration. I experienced this. So i create the filament detection function in BIBO touch 3D printer. When the filament is run out, the printing will be paused automatically, then you can load the new filament again, to continue the printing. Saving your time and money.


    2. DIY kit is not ok for everyone. Some customers who bought DIY kit already come back to our store to buy the assembled 3D printer, as it is really hard to assemble or the printing quality is really bad. Some customers want to return the DIY kit first and then buy the assembled 3D printer because of budget, but they failed as the international courier fee is so expensvie and the seller didn't agree to afford the return courier fee. They are not happy with the seller and the DIY printer, wasting a lot of time.

                                                                BIBO2 touch 3D